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FUJIMAE Colors Mouthguard White-Blue

FUJIMAE Colors Mouthguard White-Blue

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Model: Colors Mouthguard
Code / Reference: 20520151
Color: White-Blue

The Colors mouthguard for the upper jaw, with double-layer gel construction for extra comfort and safety, is convenient for training of any intensity level and will also bring you the most colorful of your smiles.

• Upper jaw protection against impacts and abrupt obstructions.
• Double-layer gel construction of different density. A soft inner layer provides a tight, comfortable custom fit to ensure gum protection.
• Extra protection within the molar area to guarantee a pleasant bite under demanding conditions.
• Integrated breathing channels in the lower area for optimal breathing.
• Opaque bicolor. Available in multiple colors.
• Protective case included to keep your mouthguard clean and away from bacteria when transporting it.
• Use instructions included.

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