Kenka Pro Mouthguard White-Blue

Kenka Pro Mouthguard White-Blue

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Brand: Kenka
Model: Pro Mouthguard
Color: White-Blue

Kenka Pro mouthguards feature two layers: a very tough rubber layer acts as a shell and absorbs shock from impacts while a gel layer is designed to adapt to the shape of your gums.

Product information:

  • The moldable gel interior creates a perfect mold of your teeth.
  • The lower part of the mouthguard features protrusions to prevent unwanted shifting as well as breathing channels.
  • The outer rubber shell provides ultimate protection for your teeth, jaw and brain.

Molding instructions:

  • Bring to boil 125 mililiters of water (equivalent to a small glass).
  • When it starts to boil, remove the container from the heat source and wait for 30 seconds.
  • Now place the mouthguard in the water for 90 seconds (do not exceed this time).
  • Use a spoon to remove the mouthguard from the hot water and cool with temperate water for a couple of seconds.
  • Place the mouthguard correctly in your mouth and bite firmly. Now press the sides of the mouthguard with your fingers and suck in to remove any water, after which keep biting for another 20 seconds.
  • Take the mouthguard out of your mouth and cool with water for 20 seconds.
  • The mouthguard is now ready for use, try it and if it doesn't fit comfortably, you can repeat the whole process.

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Roman S.
Verified buyer
29/04/2016 (EN)
There is damage to the box, not closing
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Manuel G.
Verified buyer
21/05/2021 (ES)
De buena calidad
Alexandre F.
Verified buyer
17/11/2020 (PT)
Boa relação qualidade/preço
Daniel P.
Verified buyer
04/01/2018 (ES)
Dela calidad indicada en la pagina web.
Christian G.
Verified buyer
07/12/2017 (ES)
Unai A.
Verified buyer
27/10/2017 (ES)
Sencillo y muy comodo
Pedro M.
Verified buyer
06/01/2017 (ES)
Alexandre G.
Verified buyer
25/12/2016 (PT)
Utilizo para participar kickboxing, recomendo para todos os meus companheiros pois a qualidade é boa.
Jonathan S.
Verified buyer
30/06/2016 (ES)
Fácil de utilizar y bien explicado el proceso de coger la forma de los dientes.
Rodrigo G.
Verified buyer
16/05/2016 (ES)
Ajuste perfecto. viene con caja
Rui S.
Verified buyer
29/03/2016 (PT)
Utilizo o produto nos treino e recomendo a todos pois a relação qualidade preço é muito mas mesmo muito boa
Hugo R.
Verified buyer
21/10/2015 (PT)
Boa qualidade e utilizo o produto no treino de Muay Thai
Riccardo C.
Verified buyer
02/03/2015 (IT)
Cesar A.
Verified buyer
09/06/2014 (ES)
David C.
Verified buyer
08/05/2014 (ES)
Estoy muy satisfecho.
Juan Diego R.
Verified buyer
19/03/2014 (ES)
Josep B.
Verified buyer
28/11/2013 (ES)
Muy bueno
Jose Aridane P.
Verified buyer
27/06/2013 (ES)
Perfecto para entrenamiento.