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Super Pro Water-Air Punchbag 150cm Blue
Super Pro Water-Air Punchbag 150cm Blue
Super Pro Water-Air Punchbag 150cm Blue
Super Pro Water-Air Punchbag 150cm Blue
Super Pro Water-Air Punchbag 150cm Blue
Super Pro Water-Air Punchbag 150cm Blue

Super Pro Water-Air Punchbag 150cm Blue

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Heavy bag
Brand: Super Pro
Model: Water-Air Punchbag 150cm
Code / Reference: SPKPWAPB150-60100
Color: Blue
Material: Synthetic Leather

The Water-Air Punchingbag Home looks like a conventional punching bag, but when you take a closer look it is very different. Maybe not from the outside, but for sure from the inside and even more the moment you punch and kick it even more. This unique punching bag is filled with WATER and AIR.

Why? Because of our extensive experience of decades manufacturing punching bags, we have a massive knowledge of these products and the market. From our own knowledge and the feedback which we receive from the market we always try to innovate existing products and develop totally new products. Receiving signals from especially the home training market and from companies focused on B2C sales we started to investigate two issues; the high shipping costs of punching bags and the hardness of these products. After more than 4 years of investigating, testing, improving and manufacturing we managed to develop a product that is cheaper to ship and from which you can regulate the hardness of the bag.

The Product

The Water-Air Punchingbag HOME consists of 3 components; a very high quality other shell, on the inside a thick water filled compartment and in the middle a cylinder filled with air.

The benefit of the high quality shell is that these shells are already produced by us for many years and have proven their reliability. Knowing this you can imagine that this product has a very long lifespan. Also we offer a one year warranty for PRODUCTION FAILURES.

The benefit of the water compartment is that you only need to fill it at home. So transport gets as easy as possible. The bag is packed in a practical box, what makes transporting it very easy from the store to the end consumer. Neither you have an online store or a physical shop getting this product to the consumer will be easier than ever.

The water distributes itself equally inside the Water-Air Punchingbag HOME, resulting that the bag has the same hardness everywhere. The water also gives the bag the right weight, making it stable during the workout. Also punching against water feels natural, knowing that the human body also consists of 70% of water. We also need to mention that the impact from the kicks and punches are absorbed better, decreasing the chance for wrist, elbow, shoulder and knee injuries.

By using the air compartment, the user can regulate the hardness of the punching bag. Delivered with a pump and having a special air valve , it is possible to regulate to the preference of the user. The harder the air-compartment is inflated, the harder the punching bag gets. Knowing this the Water-Air Punchingbag Home can always have the desired hardness you like.

Most important benefits:

  • Easy to ship - cost reduction - less CO2 emissions.
  • Filling with water at home - equal distribution and hardness.
  • Air compartment - you decide the hardness.
  • Water compartment - real life workout experience.
  • Great absorption of kicks and punches - less chance of injuries.


Available sizes

At the moment the Water-Air {Punchingbag Home is available in 2 sizes:

- height of 100 cm with a 35 cm diameter. Filled with water the bag weighs approximately 30 kg. This bag is especially for kids and adults who prefer to use the bag only for punching. A very solid heavy bag with the correct weight.

- height of 150 cm with a 35 cm diameter. Filled with water this punching bag weighs approximately 50 kg. This heavy bag is perfect for kids and adults who want to have a great kicking and punching workout. Due to the weight and length, it remains very stable during training.

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