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Buddha Gel Wraps Black
Buddha Gel Wraps Black
Buddha Gel Wraps Black
Buddha Gel Wraps Black
Buddha Gel Wraps Black

Buddha Gel Wraps Black

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Hand protections.
Brand: Buddha Sports
Model: Gel Wraps

Knuckle and fist protection specially designed for combat and striking sports such as Boxing, Muay Thai, Full Contact, Wu-Shu Sanda and Kick Boxing.

They are worn under your gloves for greater protection in the strike area (knuckles and back of the hand) thanks to its gel-padded surface.

These wraps also come with highly-elastic bandages for wrist protection and to keep the product firmly secured.

Made of neoprene, Lycra and cotton.

If you practice combat sports, we are certain that you will love this item.
2-unit pack.

These gel wraps are a fast-fitting alternative to traditional hand wraps, saving you 5 minutes of your precious time whenever you use them.

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Jose Eduardo Gomes Silva E.
Verified buyer
14/05/2016 (PT)
Muito bom e recomendo
Silvia C.
Verified buyer
15/01/2016 (ES)
Muy efectivas a la hora de hacer body combat
Israel P.
Verified buyer
03/12/2015 (ES)
Un poco corta de palma y dependiendo de los guantes de boxeo no entran.
Natalia R.
Verified buyer
08/01/2014 (ES)
Buen material
J. Francisco G.
Verified buyer
08/10/2013 (ES)
Muy practico, no son las típicas vendas de siempre.
Juan Carlos M.
Verified buyer
21/07/2013 (ES)
Se ven bien acabadas y de calidad
Oscar S.
Verified buyer
17/07/2013 (ES)
A todos los que practiquen golpeos
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