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Everlast Cotton Handwraps 275cm White

Everlast Cotton Handwraps 275cm White

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Brand: Everlast
Model: Cotton Handwraps 275cm
Code / Reference: U-EVR000447-040-999
Color: White
Material: Cotton

A pair of Everlast handwraps made with 100% cotton that will protect hands and wrists of combat sports practitioners, like boxing, muay thai, kickboxing or mixed martial artes (mma).

Everlast's handwraps are available in different colours and formats (275cm, 300cm and 457cm).

Additional information:

  • Length 275cm.
  • Velcro closure.
  • Thumb loop.
Bradley J.
Verified buyer
21/06/2020 (EN)
Thumb loop too small for thumb
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