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FUJIMAE Aikido Gi White
FUJIMAE Aikido Gi White
FUJIMAE Aikido Gi White

FUJIMAE Aikido Gi White

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Aikido Gi
Model: Aikido Gi
Code / Reference: 11100
Color: White
Material: Cotton


Aikido Gi made of pearl weave 100% cotton fabric, designed specifically for Aikido practices. All the outfit is very resistant, because of its fabric as well as the reinforced seams.
The jacket has an exclusive Aikido label on the inside of the neck; the jacket bottom trim is narrower to increase comfort and the lapel is padded and stiff. The trouser has the traditional waist with adjustable drawstrings that provide a great grip and on the front side it has reinforcement seams from the knees until the hem of the trousers.

Product information:
· Traditional special Aikido pattern
· Pearl weave 100% cotton fabric
· High resistance, reinforced seams
· Trouser with traditional waist, adjustable drawstrings to increase the grip
· Wash separately at 30º and do not use the dryer

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