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FUJIMAE Basic MMA Gloves Black-Red

FUJIMAE Basic MMA Gloves Black-Red

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MMA Gloves
Model: Basic MMA Gloves
Code / Reference: 212017
Color: Black-Red
Material: Synthetic Leather


The Basic MMA gloves have been conceived for an economical training without compromising any quality standard. These are ideal for beginners at MMA, heavy bag work or aerobic combat activities, providing protection, comfort and durability like products at much higher prices.

Product information:
• PU coating.
• High-density injected foam mold inner construction.
• Uncovered palm of the hand for grappling and submission techniques training.
• PU double-wrap Velcro strap closure for a strong and secure fit on your wrists.
• Textile inner lining to avoid discomfort when sweating.
• Comfort, lightness and protection appropriate for the regular training.
• Certified according to the CE legislation.
• FUJIMAE Basic product: Essential, iconic, timeless and neutral equipment. Designed to reach the lowest price, paying attention to detail and without compromising quality. The know-how of a specialist accessible for everyone.

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