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FUJIMAE Casco Abierto Advantage Red
FUJIMAE Casco Abierto Advantage Red
FUJIMAE Casco Abierto Advantage Red

FUJIMAE Casco Abierto Advantage Red

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Model: Casco Abierto Advantage
Code / Reference: 2162190
Color: Red
Material: Synthetic Leather


The Advantage Flexskin open head guard, devised for the competition, is a guarantee of protection, quality and comfort into the fight, not compromising an exceptional value for money.

Product information:
• Designed for the competition in combat sports, such as Boxing, Kick Boxing, Muay Thai, Full Contact, Sanda, etc. and recommended for any other fighting sport style.
• Flexskin coated, more resistant and durable than traditional PU, with an upgraded look. Traditional PU inner lining.
• Dense EVA molded foam construction. Upper head protection is also included.
• Three Velcro support; two are placed on the nape and one on the chin, for an adjusted and precise fit to every head. The Velcro on the chin is also coated with Flexskin to avoid any discomfort.
• Appropriate for training and competition at any intensity level.
• Advantage performance: Equipment conceived for competition, adapted to the regulations of the main federations and designed with attention to detail and quality. Victories are easier when you are well equipped.
• FUJIMAE recommends the regular use of the head guard in training to protect your head against potential traumatisms, accidental cuts and other common injuries caused by repeated and intense hits.

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