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FUJIMAE Colors Hand Wraps 450cm Red-Blue

FUJIMAE Colors Hand Wraps 450cm Red-Blue

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Model: Colors Hand Wraps 450cm
Code / Reference: 20420956
Color: Red-Blue
Material: Cotton


The elastic Colors hand wraps are a must in any striking session to take care of your hands and wrists at all times. Featuring a pleasant fabric, a plain yet thorough design and a wide range of colors available will make these an essential in your training.

• Pleasant elastic fabric, made of a polyester and rubber blend, developed to provide a comfortable and strong adjustment.
• 5cm of width to ensure full coverage of wrists and knuckles.
• Embroidered logo to reduce rigidity on the closure end of the hand wraps.
• Training performance at any level.
• Washable and easy to dry. Wash them cold separately or use a mesh laundry bag to prevent fading on other clothes.
• Many colors available, frequently renewed.
• Delivered in a mesh bag to keep them separate from the rest of the equipment.
• FUJIMAE recommends the regular use of hand wraps to protect hands and joints from common injuries caused by repeated and intense hits.

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