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FUJIMAE Groin Guard & Support White
FUJIMAE Groin Guard & Support White

FUJIMAE Groin Guard & Support White

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Groin guard
Model: Groin Guard & Support
Code / Reference: 20600
Color: White
Material: Cotton-Polyester

The Basic Men’s groin guard, designed to optimize functionality without compromising simplicity, provides full groin and genital protection required for Martial Arts practice, either standing, on the floor, with training weaponsor at any level, and at the lowest price.

• Manufactured of a light polyester, cotton and rubber blend, the entire support is elastic and breathable for great comfort.
• Wide elastic waistband of 7cm and two extra elastic waistbands help the supporter adapt to each body, ensuring a solid support without stress during all your training.
• Flexible cup included, featuring a hard PP shelland a TPR trim construction, reacting and adapting to unrestricted movement and minimizing impact forces.
• Supporter including a pocket with closure, allowing to takethe cup out of it, and to help washing it. Supporter is also compatible with the ProSeries groin guard cup (#20631).
• Appropriate for training and competition at any intensity level.
• FUJIMAE Basic product: Essential, iconic, timeless and neutral equipment. Designed to reach the lowest price, paying attention to detail and without compromising quality. The know-how of a specialist accessible for everyone.

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