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Gracie Magazine Issue 228 April 2016

Gracie Magazine Issue 228 April 2016

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Gracie Magazine, also known as GracieMag is probably the oldest and most known publication for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ).
RoninWear is an official Gracie Magazine associate member (GMA Associate).
English edition.
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Issue 228, April 2016, between other articles, you may find:

- GM #228: Miyao Maina. Find out how the twins are inspiring a young generation of grapplers with their tireless devotion to training and one of a kind mindset.

- Deadly Roll: Joao teaches you to set up four submisions using the berimbolo.

- The Jiu Jitsu Continent: Felipe Pena and Andresa Correo take center stage as the 2016 European breaks another record in attendance and becomes the largest BJJ competition of all times with more than 3500 athletes.

- Pop Artist: In a few years, Joao and Paulo Miyao went from anonymity to global celbrity as the leading members of a young generation that is giving new uses to traditional Jiu Jitsu concepts.

- GMA Gracie Magazine Associates: All the latest updates on our members from all around the world.
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