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Namman Muay Thai Oil 120ml

Namman Muay Thai Oil 120ml

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Brand: Namman Muay
Model: Thai Oil
Weight: 120ml

Namman Muay's liniment oil is used before and after physical exercise: before, to warm muscles and after, to regenerate them. It is the perfect tool to prevent muscle injury.

Instructions for use:

  • Apply on muscles, tendons and joints with gentle rubbing.
  • When finished, avoid contact with eyes / wounds and wash your hands.
  • Do not cover the applied area.
  • Not suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women.

Ingredients in 100 ml: menthol (1g), methyl salicylate (31ml), alcohol_95% (12,04ml), water (10,19ml), light yellow color (5mg), deep yellow color (3,37mg), polysorbate_80 (0,02ml), eucalyptus oil (5ml) and liquid Paraffin

Oswaldo S.
Verified buyer
21/10/2020 (EN)
Nice product.. Similar effect as BenGay or Dencorub. Strong "menthol" smell after application
Francisco L.
Verified buyer
17/08/2020 (EN)
Excellent Service and product
Comments Other languages
Marco S.
Verified buyer
08/01/2021 (ES)
Juan Manuel P.
Verified buyer
30/10/2020 (ES)
Paquete enviado muy rápido. Venía muy bien envuelto para proteger el envase.
Rafael H.
Verified buyer
21/10/2020 (ES)
Para antes de entrenar o para darte en alguna parte del cuerpo dolorida si tienes que usarla o moverte posteriormente.
Silvério F.
Verified buyer
13/09/2018 (PT)
Excelente serviço
Angela B.
Verified buyer
13/08/2018 (PT)
Corresponde ao esperado
Hylke D.
Verified buyer
05/07/2018 (ES)
Casi egual como el original the Thailandia Creo un poco menos fuerte de olor. Mismo efecto.
Vanessa .
Verified buyer
19/05/2018 (ES)
Buen producto
Vanessa .
Verified buyer
08/04/2018 (ES)
Buen producto
Jorge P.
Verified buyer
06/12/2017 (PT)
Utilio para aquecimento, antes do preino. Aconselho a todos especialmente para quem deve aquecer bem antes do treino.
Samuel V.
Verified buyer
11/10/2017 (PT)
Recomendo para todos os atletas que praticcam exercicio fisico
Christian N.
Verified buyer
20/09/2016 (DE)
Perfect for Warnung Up before the fight !
Ernesto S.
Verified buyer
30/03/2016 (ES)
Quien compra este producto ya sabe de que se trata nunca mejor dicho.
Ricardo E.
Verified buyer
08/01/2016 (PT)
Bom produto
Salvador G.
Verified buyer
28/12/2015 (ES)
Aunque para mi gusto prefiero la crema, de todas formas el producto me va muy bien.
Luis F.
Verified buyer
26/12/2015 (PT)
Boa qualidade.
Rui E.
Verified buyer
23/09/2015 (PT)
é bom para utilizar antes e depois dos treinos!
Miguel R.
Verified buyer
06/05/2015 (PT)
Sem comentários.
Jaime B.
Verified buyer
31/03/2015 (ES)
Perfecto para calentar la musculatura antes de los combates
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