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No Stink Sports Glove Deodouriser

No Stink Sports Glove Deodouriser

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Sports Glove Deodouriser
Brand: No Stink
Model: Sports Glove Deodouriser
Code / Reference: NOSTINK001
Includes 2 units.

This is a natural, non-toxic and ecological deodouriser from No-Stink which comes as two small bags filled with bamboo charcoal that are placed inside gloves which need to be deodourised.

The Sports Glove Deodouriser is designed to keep all types of sports gloves (including those for Boxing, Hockey, Skiing, Golf and goalkeeping) fresh, dry and odour-free by absorbing sweat-related moisture, preventing the buildup of germs and odors and ensuring a longer product life.

How to use:

  • Place the No Stink bags inside gloves overnight and remove in the morning.
  • Once a month, the bags need to be put in the sunshine in order to reactivate the charcoal. This recharging process can be repeated for up to a year.
  • When the product's life expires, open the bags and empty the contents in your garden as bamboo charcoal helps plants absorb nutrients from the soil.

Product information:

  • Lemon scent
  • Measures: 15 cm x 5,5 cm.

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