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Odor Aid Sports Equipment Deodorizer Auto Spray
Odor Aid Sports Equipment Deodorizer Auto Spray

Odor Aid Sports Equipment Deodorizer Auto Spray

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Sports equipment deodorant
Brand: Odor Aid
Model: Sports Equipment Deodorizer Auto Spray
Code / Reference: OD210ML

Odor Aid is a deodorant for boxing gloves, wrestling shoes, head guards and shinguards that disinfects and perfumes any piece of sports equipment.

The bottle comes with spray pump, security button and its capacity is 210 ml.


  • Benzalkonium chloride (0.035%).
  • Octydecyldimethylammonium (0.005%).
  • Dioctyldimethylammonium (0.01%).
  • Didecyldimethylammonium (0.016%).
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Carlos T.
Verified buyer
19/08/2021 (ES)
Quita la mayor parte de los olores
Sergio J.
Verified buyer
18/07/2021 (ES)
El producto está bien, huele bien y hace su papel. No me gusta el sistema de seguridad. Pero bien un 4.
Cláudio A.
Verified buyer
23/04/2021 (PT)
É prático e funciona bem.
Celso B.
Verified buyer
12/12/2020 (ES)
Muy eficaz, como complemento para los saquitos de "No stink"
Monica G.
Verified buyer
03/08/2020 (IT)
Il primo che provo e posso ritenermi soddisfatta! Ottimo profumo! È sempre consigliato lasciare poi l’attrezzatura all’aria, così sarà più efficace
Mariano J.
Verified buyer
05/07/2020 (ES)
Le falta un utensilio que lo alarge y pueda llegar al fondo del guante
Jesus F.
Verified buyer
22/05/2020 (ES)
Neutraliza los olores de guantes y cualquier material duro. Muy bueno.
Alexandre S.
Verified buyer
31/01/2019 (PT)
Muito util. Eficaz.
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