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SafeJawz Extro Series Self-Fit Mo Mouthguard White
SafeJawz Extro Series Self-Fit Mo Mouthguard White

SafeJawz Extro Series Self-Fit Mo Mouthguard White

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Brand: SafeJawz
Model: Extro Series Self-Fit Mo Mouthguard
Color: White

The motto of Safejawz is "protection with personality", therefore every mouthguard of the Extro Series range feature a peculiar drawing that makes them distinguishable.

In the case of the Mo model, a nice moustache.

These protections, made with two layers with similar hardness, feature a comfortable fit and provides an optimal protection with an affordable price to practise any sports.

This achievement results from applying different technologies:

Fluid Fit, provides a slim fit around the teeth that lets you breath, eat or drink while you are using the protection.
Jaw Secure, the special shape of the bottom of the mouthguard (pre-occluded) protects the jaw and the lower teeth
Remodel Tech, lets you repeat the fitting process several times until getting the best fit.

What's new from the older version:

  • Ultra slim-fit design that is fitter than the previous version.
  • Pre-occluded bottom with lifted panels on impact areas provides more protection.

Additional information:

  • In order to get an optimal fit, you have to follow the preparation instructions included with the mouthguard. They are available in different languages, english included.
  • Mouthguard case incluided.
  • Use recommended from 12 years old.
  • Not suitable to use with braces.

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