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Venum BJJ Belt White

Venum BJJ Belt White

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BJJ Belt
Brand: Venum
Model: BJJ Belt
Color: White
Material: Cotton

The Venum BJJ Belts are made from high quality cotton with six seams finish.
They have the usual black sleeve (or red in Black Belt) to put the BJJ grades on it.

Product Information:

  • 100% Cotton
  • Venum patch with logo and size, sewed in one of the extremity.

Sizes (in cm.): If you are not sure about your size, please refer to the size chart on the following image for the product's approximate measurements, which can be compared to those of a similar product that you already have and fits you well. If you still have any queries, please contact us.


belt size guide
A1260 cm.
A2280 cm.
A3300 cm.
A4320 cm.


Silva De Amorim A.
Verified buyer
13/10/2015 (EN)
Comments Other languages
Miguel Ángel S.
Verified buyer
15/10/2021 (ES)
Un cinturón muy bonito y de gran calidad, rápido envío y buen servicio.
Ivan A.
Verified buyer
23/11/2018 (ES)
Muy buen artículo.
Georg K.
Verified buyer
26/01/2018 (DE)
Nordan H.
Verified buyer
30/09/2017 (ES)
De muy buena calidad... lo compré A1 y me quedo bastante justo, después de realizar el nudo me sobran unos 20cm de cada lado. Mi kimono es A1 y peso unos 79kg
Americo S.
Verified buyer
10/03/2017 (PT)
Muito Boa qualidade
Hugo S.
Verified buyer
26/10/2016 (PT)
Muito bom!
Audrey S.
Verified buyer
08/10/2016 (FR)
Rapide, de qualité
Lucas T.
Verified buyer
14/06/2016 (ES)
Excelente y grueso cinturon
Antonio P.
Verified buyer
18/12/2015 (PT)
Preço um pouco alto, mas fiquei muito satisfeito com o produto
Liliana M.
Verified buyer
28/10/2015 (PT)
Treino de Jiu Jitsu
Flávio P.
Verified buyer
01/09/2015 (PT)
Muito bom
Edoardo M.
Verified buyer
18/07/2015 (IT)
Spedizione e consegna rapidissime consigliatissimo
Midian B.
Verified buyer
29/05/2015 (ES)
Lo recomiendo al 100% muy buena calidad.
Gonçalo Filipe Mendes S.
Verified buyer
29/05/2015 (PT)
Acho o produto e a marca mto boa aconselho p praticantes de bjj
César S.
Verified buyer
13/05/2015 (PT)
Bom produto
Victor C.
Verified buyer
20/03/2015 (ES)
Cinturón resistente y de calidad. Recomendado!
Bernardo R.
Verified buyer
05/03/2015 (PT)
Utilizo o produto no Jiujitsu brasileiro, assumo que tem muita qualidade e sem duvida que o recomendo a amigos
Néstor Frank P.
Verified buyer
27/01/2015 (ES)
Quizás un pelín largo para mi medida, pero es que estoy gordaco y no quería quedarme corto. Buena calidad.
Juan Jose P.
Verified buyer
24/01/2015 (ES)
Calidad suprema!
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