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Wrestling can be classified into three wrestling disciplines that are featured at the Olympic Games:

Men's Freestyle Wrestling, which consists in winning matches by taking down the opponent and keeping both of his shoulders pressed against the mat for long enough so that the referee takes notice. Matches can also be won in terms of performance score.

Greco-Roman Wrestling: It differs from Freestyle Wrestling in that the use of legs for takedowns (for example, by tripping) is not allowed. It is also forbidden to attack the opponent's legs.

Womern's Freestyle Wrestling: The female variant of Men's Freestyle Wrestling.

Our shop offers all the equipment required for the practice of these three disciplines:

- Singlets: They are tight-fitting single-piece uniforms normally made of lycra or a similar material.

- Wrestling Boots: They are specially-designed for Olympic Wrestling and feature a flat, heel-free sole and a lack of metal parts so as not to injure the opponent, as well as concealed laces.

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