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New Tatami Nova Absolute BJJ basic range: adults gi for only 69,99€, kids gis, 39,99€ 20 Nov 2018

The brand new Tatami Nova Absolute kimono for brazilian jiu jitsu (bjj) is already available at RONINWEAR. The Tatami Mk4 successor features a new design and comes with a new fabric's weight.

The jacket's fabric is the same used in the previous model, 100% Pearl Weave cotton, however its weight is lighter: the MK4 range came with a 425 gm2 fabric instead of the new Nova Absolute range that uses a 350 gm2 fabric. Therefore, the Nova Absolute is lighter, but not less resistant, thanks to the special reinforcements in critical areas like arm pits or side splits.

Tatami Nova Absolute gi in action

Tatami Nova Absolute in action JT Torres

The pants, made with 100% cotton of 10 oz, feature a tapered fit that provides more comfort for brazilian jiu jitsu practice. The trouser legs are wider on the thighs, but narrower at the bottom.

The design of the Tatami Absolute gi combines patches of different sizes and shape with round embroideries at the back of jacket and on the right trouser leg.

JT Torres with the Tatami Nova Absolute in white colour

JT Torres in a Tatami Nova Absolute bjj gi

The Tatami Nova Absolute adult's gis are available for 69,99€ in white, blue, black and green (men) colours and kids for 39,99€ in white, blue and black colours. This gi also includes a free white belt of the same size than the gi.

You can check all the variants of this gi available at RONINWEAR here:


Tatami Nova Absolute BJJ Gi White

Tatami Nova Absolute BJJ Gi Blue

Tatami Nova Absolute BJJ Gi Black

Tatami Nova Absolute BJJ Gi Green


Tatami Ladies Nova Absolute BJJ Gi White

Tatami Ladies Nova Absolute BJJ Gi Blue

Tatami Ladies Nova Absolute BJJ Gi Black


Tatami Kids Nova Absolute BJJ Gi White

Tatami Kids Nova Absolute BJJ Gi Blue

Tatami Kids Nova Absolute BJJ Gi Black

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