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SAFEJAWZ Mouthguards are the result of extensive industry knowledge in both sports dentistry and sports equipment retail. Our experience making bespoke custom-fit Mouthguards has led us to reproduce some of our most popular gum shield designs on self-fit, boil and bite Mouthguards. Sports participants no longer have to spend upwards of £59 to get a design they want or wait up to 2 weeks for their Mouthguard to be made. Now these great designed, self-fit gum shields protect the wearer while looking awesome.

SAFEJAWZ are made of a dual layer compound that allows for the ideal thickness to protect in all sports while providing a comfortable, firm fit. The protection offered is increased through the integrated Molar Bite Pads which absorb the impact from upward impacts while stabilising the jaw.

SAFEJAWZ come in a handy travel case because your Mouthguard will only look after you, if you look after it. Athletes are trying more and more to stand out from their peers and find new ways to show their personality as they perform. SAFEJAWZ give wearers that freedom and that is what makes the product a commercial success. With 3 new designs launching in 2015, more athletes will be able to showcase their personality in their game

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