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Gracie Magazine Issue 209 September 2014

Gracie Magazine Issue 209 September 2014


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Gracie Magazine, also known as GracieMag is probably the oldest and most known publication for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ).
RoninWear is an official Gracie Magazine associate member (GMA Associate).
English edition.
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Issue 209, September 2014, between other articles, you may find:

- GM #209: Who's afraid of the 50/50 guard?: Guto Campos and JT Torres unveil every trick from the "damned guard".

- Xande Ribeiro Special: Get inside the mind of one of the greatest champions of modern Jiu Jitsu.

- Step by step:: Secrets of the De la Riva Guard.

- Poster: Hang on your wall a picture of the best fight of this century.

- Training for warriors: An excercise that truly works everything.

- BJ Penn's goodbye

- Interview with Tammi Musumeci

- Details of Seoi Nage

- GMA Gracie Magazine Associates: All the latest updates on our members from all around the world.

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